Wildfire Volleyball

TAP WESTON Season 2018-2019 Registration


Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 TAP Weston Season Registration

We are excited about this upcoming season and will like to thank everyone who supports our programs and is part of the Wildfire Family.

This registration is only for those athletes who will be participating in

  • TAP

You will be asked to 

  • Enter athlete's and guardian information
  • Emergency information ( you will need insurance info)
  • Pick the correct program and age group
  • Electronically sign consent forms and agreements

This is the first phase of registration.  There will be no payments attached to this registration.  You will receive an e-mail from groundworks to set up your accounts.  The athlete is not fully register until both this registration and groundworks registration is completed.  The Cost of the program is $150.00/ month

To get detail information on TAP Program Click Here


An AAU registration is required for all athletes who participate in Wildfire related training.  You will need a junior membership ($14.00) that will cover the athlete from Sept 1st 2018 - Aug 31st 2019.

please visit 


Wildfire Club Code WYW89E


Please direct questions to:

Ore Pablos


Phone: 954-439-1852